Engineering​ Heroes

The best engineering solutions are people-made,​ but executed with precision.

At GMF AeroAsia, we embrace the importance of what we do: we are​ responsible for keeping people flying safely, but also for ensuring our​ client’s business runs smoothly. 

We believe, GMF has a strong value to make a big effect on world civilization, since the hands of an Engineer is able to send more security to human life. Sense of security while flying in the sky with no rumbling is coming from the good condition of vehicles when flying through the sky. The safe sky starts from how the aircraft is prepared on the ground to be able to take its passengers across the sky safely to the destination. The fact that engineers work from the land makes them as flight heroes, that somehow whose roles are invisible but significantly contribute.

It’s a critical need, but we are confident in​ our ability to deliver on it because our people constantly demonstrate the​ everyday brilliance required. It’s why we think of ourselves as a company of​ engineers, not an engineering company.​

By recognizing that our people are our greatest asset, we put them at the​ core of our offer. And because no problem is the same, and no solution​ identical, we inspire and empower them to do what it takes to get the job​ done effectively – always executed with precision.​