GMF Collaborates with Indonesian Industry Players to Strengthen the National Aviation Ecosystem

Jakarta, 04 November 2022 – PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk (GMF) participated in the biggest defence exhibition event in Southeast Asia, Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022 at JiExpo Kemayoran (02-05/11). The exhibition, which was attended by 905 companies from 59 countries, allowed GMF to expand its penetration in the defence market. Defence industry is one of GMF's main business diversification strategies to reach sustainable recovery. On the first day of the event, GMF succeeded in securing several cooperations with domestic industry players who came from a few different sectors, such as PT Ateja Multi Industri (Ateja) which is an international standard fabric manufacturing company, PT Indonesia Polyurethane Industry (IPI) which is a manufacturing company in polymer-based components, PT PUDAK Scientific (PUDAK) which is manufacturing parts and components, and PT MuladaTU (MuladaTU) which is a repair station certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States, for aircraft spare parts, wheels, brakes, and landing gear.

GMF's step in cooperating with domestic industry players from various fields is a form of GMF's contribution to realizing a national aviation ecosystem that increases the value of domestic product utilization (TKDN). The CEO of GMF, Andi Fahrurrozi, said that GMF wishes to become the backbone of a comprehensive quality improvement of the Indonesian aviation industry ecosystem. "The aviation industry ecosystem not only consists of airlines, MRO, regulators, and authorities, but many cross-sectoral industries can support its development. GMF believes that these supporting elements can become accelerators for the development of the aviation ecosystem in the future," said Andi.

By consistently prioritizing quality standards, GMF hopes that various components and parts that have been relying on international supplies can be gradually produced and provided by local manufacturing companies. In the Indo Defence event, GMF and IPI agreed to cooperate in the production of Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) plastic and rubber parts. Furthermore, with Ateja, GMF agreed to cooperate in terms of modification, design, and production of fabric materials used as seat covers on airplanes and curtains. The collaboration with PUDAK Scientific will include the manufacture of PMA parts, electroplating & anodizing contra work, utilization of the GMF calibration laboratory, and the manufacture of tools & IMTE. Meanwhile, with MuladaTU, GMF will collaborate for MRO operations and in-house shop improvements, product development, and capabilities for component and landing gear maintenance, and share resources for components, technical publications, and landing gear maintenance to other related item overhaul services.