GMF signed a memorandum of understanding with AP I

Jakarta, October 27th, 2021 – PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk (GMF) signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) (AP I). Located at Angkasa Pura I office building, this memorandum of understanding was signed by GMF CEO Andi Fahrurrozi and AP I President Director Faik Fahmi. This memorandum of understanding is the foundation for GMF and AP I to explore collaboration in the field of land management at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar, Indonesia, owned by AP I for the hangar development and operation in the future.

In his speech, Faik stated that Makassar has a strategic location to grab central and eastern Indonesia markets. "Air transport in these areas is essential for passenger and cargo movement since it offers faster and easier access than other modes of transportation. This makes Makassar a potential market to reach central and eastern Indonesia," Faik said. To capture it, the collaboration between the two parties is established to attract investors in the construction of hangar and its supporting facilities, thus creating multiplier effects such as job creation, economic acceleration, and added value for stakeholders.

The collaboration is also in line with GMF's business plan of capturing aircraft maintenance opportunities as the aviation industry gradually recovers. Andi acknowledged that the pandemic that hits the aviation sector encourages GMF to ensure Company’s recovery strategies are fully implemented. "Implementing recovery strategy becomes our main focus at the moment. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that the aviation industry can recover in the next few years. This collaboration is an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves in capturing opportunities and anticipating the momentum," said Andi.

By operating a hangar in Makassar that offers location proximity to customers in central and eastern Indonesia, the ease of access offered is expected to help reduce airlines’ operational costs and strengthen the domestic aviation industry.